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What are the Basic Differences?

Doctor of MMS and Doctor of Medicine?

YOU Choose!

We believe it is very important for every individual on earth to control his or her health. And in doing so, each person needs to be able to have options to choose. The majority of the world goes to a Medical Doctor, M.D., when seeking cures and health. We at the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, have another option to offer the world. Look at the basic differences between a Doctor of MMS, D.MMS, and a Doctor of Medicine, M.D. YOU choose!

Doctor of MMS Doctor of Medicine

Uses MMS, Master Mineral Solution Uses Pharmaceutical Medicines

No FDA Approval Only FDA Approval

No Big Pharma involvement Sellers for Big Pharma

Free Treatments Expensive Treatments

No Vaccines, Assisting Health Vaccines, Assisting Suicide

Uses Reason and Logic Uses PDR & Merck Manual

Open Minded/ Out of the Box Close Minded in the Box of $

90% success of Healing Healing? or Treating Symptoms

Healing the world quickly! Killing the world slowly!

Human Testimonies Rodent testimonies

Patients living quality lives Doctors living quality Lives

Side Affects stopped by reduction Too many Side Affects

Servant Syndrome God Syndrome

No Pharmaceutical involved = Health No Pharmaceuticals = No Job

Eliminating Diseases Treating Symptoms

Heals many in one year Heals few in a lifetime

No Health Insurance needed Health Insurance promoters

Advanced MMS Training – No debt!!! 8 Years study, Big debt!!!

(Is this why they work for Big Pharma & Health Insurance so willingly?)

There are many more differences that could be mentioned, but these are the basics. If you just look at the results, you should be convinced about which Doctor to choose. There are motive to consider as well as who they work with and for. It’s your health You need to make the choice! Your health, that of your family and the World is at stake!

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