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”You don’t have to be a scientist to practice science with Special Guest Bishop Jordan Grenon”


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“Healthcare is not about the care of health but the care of the health of the Checkbook of those selling the drugs!


“A World Without DIS-EASE”, By Mark S. Grenon


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Weekly Testimonies


  • Mark love your videos!!! Your a natural!!love what you guys are doing!!!! My favorite was the documentary!!! God bless!!!!


  • "my boyfriend has a UTI - my boyfriend has a UTI and he had burning all the time, this is taking the pain away and i am pretty sure its getting rid of it. I'm pleased so far."


  • Jordan, I’m giving them away. I have finished my first bottle,

It actually helped with my eczema on my hand though it was so painful... but it cures it as for fever, I don't see any effect yet. Because  my body is so weak, it looks like taking it with cold water makes me very cold. I also use it when my husband complains of his tight shoulders I add dmso to it.. he said it felt like thousands of needles stabbing him. my husband said that when I put the mms + dmso, he said he wanted to scream like felt like a lot of needles poking him. but after he woke up from sleep, it felt a lot better. no more tight neck and shoulders

Jennifer C. Lim-Chow 

  • "Chronic Q Fever - The day after my first dose I felt noticeably better! I started oct 5th 2018 - I am sill dosing but have moved up to protocol 2000 at this point. I have more better days than bad since I started taking MMS- not sure how much longer I’ll need to dose before I am rid of this parasite ... "


  • Sandra Mazzon

Thank you so much...gonna get my daughter with Lyme started TODAY

  • Mark, I wanted to thank you and Jim for enlightening the world with the power of mms. It extended my sweet mother's life having to live with copd and cancer. She was 80 and her little body just gave out. She lived many years with copd and 2 years with lung cancer. She did some targeted radiation on her tumors, but said no to chemotherapy. The lung tumor grew 1.2 cm with their Opdivo (January-March), so called immunotherapy. After starting her on mms, her tumor only grew .5 cm (March-September). I know for a fact mms gave us more time with her and she was a trooper doing protocol 1000 and 3000. She could never get beyond 2 drops, but she did 7-8 times per day. She had a lot of toxicity in her and threw up a lot. I truly believe if she had been younger and had the will and strength to do protocol 2000 she would have beat the hell out of the cancer. Glory be to our father in heaven for MMS, Jim humble, you and your sons. Thank you kind sir. Shane Hamilton
  • "Arthritis or pins in my feet!? - Im only 49 but my feet have Arthritis so bad that I thought I had glass or pins in my feet, when walking in my own house without PADDED slippers on. I couldn't walk barefoot 10' without feeling pins in my feet.
    8 days after MMS, I walked barefoot in my house for 8hrs, at the end of the day my feet began to get a little sore. UNBELIEVABLE! 80% better in 8 days! I had to skip days they are a little sore, but I can walk barefoot and have not felt 1 pinch
    going back on MMS today. I sprayed my feet as well w MMS and DMSO any tips for that? I am 90% better.. I would magine 2 straight weeks of doing this and it should be gone! I will still do MMS every week regardless. Thank you, God bless you! MJD"
  • TESTIMONY !! 3 Years ago I was very sick with Pneumonia. It began in May....Dr tried everything...nothing was helping. In August he called a prescription into pharmacy for LEVAQUIN....I said NO !!! Are you crazy I said....a few days later my brother called me and asked if I knew about MMS ?? I said I got some !!!! 3 weeks later on Protocol 1000 my lungs were clear....THANK YOU ❤ God bless you all

Barbara Mallett

  • Spray bottle for skin irritations

I found the spray bottle works much better than just dabbing the MMS on with a cotton ball. The cotton ball would sometimes get too much on and then drip and run more than necessary.

Karen K.

  • The best


George A.

  • We are experiencing such a change for the good in how we feel. God bless you for how wonderful you are to others in this work. God sent you to us .

Rhonda S.

  • love the Genesis2 Church and their sacraments. 11/08/2018

The Genesis2 Church sacraments all work as stated on the website. I have, fortunately, not any very serious health issues. The worst issue is prostrate inflammation, typical for my age. MMS, protocol 1000 eliminates the inflammation symptoms completely for serious periods of time. No surgery, no BS. I need repeats, once in a while. I have found amazing results with my oral hygiene using MMS 3-drop mouthwash and tooth brush liquid. I use MMS for all skin issues, abrasions, cuts, and tears with amazing results. If I ever encounter more serious conditions, aids, infections, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimers, duh….. all of them, I will put it to trial. So far, everything I have tried and used has worked beyond expectations. I truly believe the Genesis2 Church is administering cure for 98% of all human ill-no-more-ness. More power to the Genesis2 Church on their mission to cure all diss-ease. BTW: The Church really needs more power, facing serious pharmaceutical and traditional medicine resistance, brute-legal-force, and stupidity.

:ronald-r :.


How to start a Genesis II Church Chapter

In this VERY toxic world we all need to take  control of our health. This is something we believe and practice at the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing – “selfcare”. We are having many testimonies come in each month of people doing just that; taking the control of their bodies which in turn taking control of their health. For too long the pharma/medical industry has had control of the minds of the people telling them “they” are the way to health. Well, after more than 100 yrs of that and people just getting sicker, it is time to change!

I wrote a book explaining what the DIS-EASE of the body is and what is causing it. Here is the Free eBook at:

NOTE: This book will open your eyes to why the world is so sick and what to do about it!

Many people are taking the step to become a Health Minister which means some study and some practice. We have many people cured of just about every illness known to man today. When they are cured, they naturally want to tell their family and friends! In doing that and the word spreading, we now have a little over 2,000 Health Ministers worldwide!

To start a G2 Church Chapter, and we have over 200 presently, one must past be a Health Minister. The ONLY way to become a Health Minister is to attend a G2Church Seminar or take the Genesis II Church Online course. We see about half our Health Minsters have done the online course in their homes.

NOTE: Genesis II Church Online Course (Being stopped selling this course) Why do you think that is happening? “They” are trying to stop us from getting this science to the world!!!! For information about the Online course please contact us at: E-MAIL Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Video course tutorial. Click below for follow along guide.

 clip 1

Publisher Contact
Bishop Jordan Grenon
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


New G2 Sacramental Video Course includes!!!

We are now offering a downloadable Genesis II Church Sacramental video course. It will be much cheaper because we have eliminated the shipping and can be viewed immediate on-line or downloaded to your personal PC! English will be the first language available. Spanish, Portuguese.

If you take this course, you will be able to protect  yourself and your loved ones from the threat of 95% of the world's diseases. We want this information in the homes of everyone in the world as quick as possible. Help us see that a reality.

  1. 50 New Instructional Videos
  2. All up to date G2 Sacramental and Protocol videos.
  3. Imagine a World Without Disease - Is It Possible? Archbishop Mark Grenon eBook
  4. NEW Revised 2016 Sacramental Workbook (Health Sacraments Workbook)
  5. Course exam.
  6. Upon Completion of the Home Video Course, One free year membership in the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing with membership I.D. Card, (sent to your address).
  7. Certificate of Completion of G2Church Seminar, (Emailed to You)
  8. Minister of Health Certificate with Reverend I.D. card  - (sent to your address).
  9. Certificate of Authorization to start a Genesis II Church chapter, (Emailed to You).
  • Special Health Minister newsletters from Genesis II Church.
  • Constant updates, news and much more!

Get this course and study the information as quickly as you can!! Study hard because this could save your life and the lives of your loved ones!

After you finish the course, take the exam and graduate as a Health Minister. If you have any questions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: If you have not received the log in information for the download this course, contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your receipt and we will get it to you quickly.

By studying to become a Health Minister, we know each person knows the G2 Church Sacramental Protocols enough to guide others. There is an exam to test the basic knowledge of each student before they are awarded a Health Minister Certificate. Once a person has become a “H.M.” then the practicing and experience comes as more people are guided to “restored health”.

Below are the steps in establishing a Genesis II Church of Health and Healing Chapter in your area!

To start a Genesis II Church chapter, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Become a Health Minister by attending a G2 Seminar or completing a Genesis II Church Video course
  2. Request and approved for a Genesis II Church chapter
  3. Make a Public announcement in the local newspaper for two weeks. Copy and post also.
  4. Post the following documents in your place of abode, preferable on the wall in the entrance of your house.

At least post the Church Logo at the entrance of your home and the rest in your Church office.

Note: After you have treated and documented giving Health Guidance to 10 people you can request to become a Bishop.


Sample of exam to become a Health Minister


6 of the 20 CASES in the FULL exam for Health Minister

For each case, write a wellness plan using the “client information sheet” that will be found in this book following the cases. Choose the major Health Sacrament and the additional Purification Processes that you will use, and give some (imagined) progress notes, termination date of treatment and case outcome.  Compare your answers with those provided following the cases.        *Page numbers eg. 2) [p.114-15] refers to “Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millennium”

  1. Helen, a 73 year old woman, for an unknown reason, has swelling of her left ring finger, this has been going on for a week. Now it is twice the size of her right ring finger. The swelling causes the skin to break and there is slight bleeding and oozing around the breaks. She also has a bump about ½” high on her right wrist, which came overnight at the same time as the swelling started.  There was no known injury.   A Chinese doctor looked at the bump and told her it is a symptom of ageing that happens when ligaments get stuck together.
  1. [p.114-15]* You are working in an alternative health clinic. Henry, a 10 year old boy weighing 65 pounds is carried in to see you by his father. He has pain and swelling in his left leg after putting his bare foot into a shoe where there was a spider.  At the time of the bite, there was an intense burning, and the swelling began immediately moving from his foot up into the area above his ankle.  His father brought the shoe in which now holds the dead brown recluse.
  1. [p.225] George, 58 years old, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three months ago. Until that time he was a healthy laborer. Since then he has been treated by a local doctor near Mexico City, but the cancer has become worse and he has lost 40 pounds. He told his sister that he is ready to give up.  His nephew, Julio who recently trained in the Jim Humble MMS program, decided to fly down and help his uncle. When he arrived, the uncle was lying in bed and no longer cared. Julio was determined to help him regain his health.
  1. [p.29] Barbara, 30 years old, has the symptoms of a cold and her whole body aches. Her daughter, Babs, age 3 also has the cold symptoms and has been cranky and whiney for the past 24 hours. Barbara has two more children aged 5 and 7 who are not showing any symptoms.
  1. [28] Nancy, age 34, received 3rd degree burns from a baking dish that slid across the rack of a hot oven. Her index finger and part of her right palm are very red and conspicuously burned, a blister seems to be starting. Nancy has severe pain.
  1. [p.64] Diane, age 52, is 5”6’ tall, and weighs 200 lbs. she has a loss of appetite, aching body, headache and fatigue.

Certificates to post on wall

1. Health Minister Certificate

2. Church Logo

3. Church Creed

4. Church Chapter Authorization

5. Public Announcement

6. Church I.D. (Carried on person at all times!)





Certificates to post on wall

Health Minister Certificate, Church Logo, Church Creed, Church Chapter Authorization and Public Announcement

Church I.D.



Genesis II Church Newsletter "Establishing Local Church Chapter Sacramental Product Suppliers"



The Following steps have to be followed by all Health Minsters!

Steps to Follow to Maintain Health

We at the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing can help you “restore health” by following proven Sacramental Protocols we have developed and have been tried and tested in EVERY country in the world! Here is the simple yet VERY effective strategy we have developed in ridding the body of any dis-ease:


1. Detoxing the body with the #1 killer of pathogens in the world – Chlorine Dioxide! Chlorine Dioxide is used to sanitize hospitals, schools and government buildings around the world! Water is treated in many parts of the world with chlorine dioxide at much higher concentrations than we use in our oral protocols. We are told to drink water purified by the governments with chlorine dioxide because it is so “safe for humans and animals” according to the EPA! Fruits and vegetables are sprayed with chlorine dioxide to dis-infect them before shipping and it is NOT required to be washed off because there is nothing toxic to the body! Meats are sprayed with chlorine dioxide also without having to wash off the residue because the residue is just salt! Here is where everyone starts. We call this Sacrament The Starting Procedure:


2. Stopping toxins from entering the body. This includes medications, vaccines, processed foods, making sure water is clean, the need for clean air, no aluminum pans and foils, no fluoride, no aluminum in detergents, eliminating plastics in food storage as well as clothing, toxic bedding, toxic clothing, toxic oils for cooking, toxic cosmetics and body care products, only eating REAL organic foods as opposed to “food-like” substances, even to the point of leaving jobs that are toxic!


3. Recovering the body’s “built-in” immune system as well as providing ALL the systems of the body with essential nutrients to reach “homeostasis” of complete balance. The way we do this is by understanding how the human body really works and not fables from people who are trying to promote some therapy or treatment. The body needs ALL types of foods for ALL foods have unique properties that the others don’t contain. Therefore, we eat all organic foods and the best state is raw. If cooked, then heated slowly, to not destroy its beneficial qualities! If the body is supplied the essential nutrients, it can make plenty of new cells and repair toxic damage to the cells! The body is the ultimate healer and we support that complex, marvelously-created structure with what it needs to do its job of maintaining health and eradicating a “dis-ease” state.


4.Toxic relationships that cause stress which weakens the immune system and in turn the whole body.

Personal relationships, Family pressures, Stress at work and your lack of a personal relationship with the Creator can all be toxic to the Body, Mind and Spirit, which in turn causes the dis-ease of the body.

If you don’t work on these relationships, your body’s health will slowly deteriorate and not have any quality of life by the time you are 60-65 or earlier!

I think we have covered the first three points pretty well in this book and I will cover more in coming volumes. The Fourth Point in Steps to follow to maintain health is: Toxic relationships that cause stress which weakens the immune system and in turn the whole body.

There are two relationships I want to talk about that will hinder your health.

1. Your relationship to others

2. Your relationship to the Creator

What Protocols to use to “restore health” from ANY DIS-EASE”


NOTE: Genesis II Church Online Course (Being stopped selling this course) Why do you think that is happening? “They” are trying to stop us from getting this science to the world!!!!

For information about the Online course please contact us at: E-MAIL Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Every person being guided to “restored health” have to START with the “Starting Procedure”!

3- The Starting Procedure Video #3

The MMS Starting Procedure Protocol - Genesis II Church:

This Starting Procedure must be done before doing the following protocols of 1000, 1000+, 2000.  It has been found that this procedure is very necessary for newbies and the very sick. Some people never reach the protocol 1000 and have had their “health restored.” Go slow and don’t be in a hurry. Back off and start over if there is any discomfort that cannot be tolerated. You don’t want to get sicker by releasing toxins into your blood. Let the body eliminate these toxins slowly through the digestive system, lymphatic system or through the skin where 80% of the toxins are expelled. Sweating is good to detoxify.

NOTE: Things that Neutralize Chlorine Dioxide are: Vitamin C, Any Antioxidant, Coffee, Tea, Milk, Alcohol, chocolate, many supplements and medications.

The first day of the Starting Procedure take 1/4th drop of activated MMS1 every hour for 8 hours.  Follow these instructions.

Note: In the case of a very sick person, start out the Starting Procedure with even less than the 1/4th drop dose which is suggested above. For an extremely sick person start with 1/8th drop every hour for 8 hours (for one day), then do the Starting Procedure, then begin Protocol 1000. 

Step 1. Use an empty, clean, dry, drinking glass.  Tilt the glass slightly sideways and drop one drop of MMS1 so the drop goes to the corner of the down part of the glass.  Drop one drop of activator on top of the MMS drop.  Shake the glass a little to mix the drops.

Step 2.  Wait 20 to 30 seconds and then use a cup to measure 1/2 cup of water to put in the glass...   This is 4 ounces.  Make sure the drops are mixed into the water.

Step 3.  Then pour off one ounce of water and take it.  That is 1/4 of the liquid now in the glass you can take it as it is, or you can add some additional water to the ounce before you take it.

Step 4.  Pour the extra 3 ounces down the drain.  You won’t be using them.  YOU MUST MAKE UP A NEW DRINK EACH HOUR.  Each MMS drink must be made up within 30 seconds before taking it and one should be sure to never wait more than 60 seconds before taking.  (When using CDS or CDH since 1 ml equals 3 drops of MMS and 1 ml has 20 drops then 2 drops would equal approximately 1/4 drop on MMS.  So, use 2 drops for this part.).

The 2nd and 3rd days of the Starting Procedure take 1/2 drop of MMS1 every hour for 8 hours a day.

Step 5.  Follow the same 1 and 2 steps as above each hour.  Then this time pour off 2 ounces and take them. That is the same as 1/2 of the liquid you now have in the glass. This, of course, gives you 1/2 drop. 

The 4th day of the Starting Procedure, take 3/4 drop of MMS1 every hour for 8 hours. 

Step 6.  Follow the same 1 and 2 steps as above.  In this case it would be easiest to pour off 1 ounce of liquid and drink the rest which is 3 ounces of liquid.  In other words, you are drinking 3/4 of the 1/2 cup of water that you make in steps 1 and 2.  At the end of day 4 you have completed the Starting Procedure. You should begin Protocol 1000 the next day by starting at the 1 drop point.  Follow the instructions.

Starting Procedure Protocol Schedule

Breakfast 8:00 AM

9:00 AM 1st Dose

10:00 AM 2nd Dose

11:00 AM 3rd Dose

12:00 AM 4th Dose

12:30 AM Lunch


NOTE: Things that Neutralize Chlorine Dioxide are: Vitamin C, Any Antioxidant, Coffee, Tea, Milk, Alcohol, chocolate, many supplements and medications.

1:30 PM 5th Dose

2:30 PM 6th Dose

3:30 PM 7th Dose

4:30 PM 8th Dose

NOTE: Wait one hour after so, after the day’s protocol eat supper after 5:30 PM.

We always get questions about what to eat for lunch. First, you won’t be eating a BIG meal for lunch while on this protocol. The less food in the stomach the better. Here are some ideas of what to eat for lunch from what we do here for people that attend our Health Restoration Center. What is good to eat:

  • Soups including bone broths
  • Sandwiches, meat and cheese, peanut butter,
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Eggs including egg salad
  • Salad with a few tomatoes. Tomatoes have vitamin C, but a few are ok.
  • Pasta with a cream sauce or tomato sauce
  • Tacos, chili, burrito, tamale
  • Baked potato with butter with even a little sour cream
  • Vegetables low in vitamin C: Celery, artichokes, carrots, corn, peas, olives.

(A little avocado is ok.)

Note: When some vegetables are cooked, they lose vitamin C

Here is a list of foods with no or low vitamin C

Remember, we are talking about only lunch here during the daily protocol. At night after the daily protocol you can eat almost anything healthy – always organic of course. Remember, you are detoxing. Stay away from processed, canned foods and fast food restaurants! Get off all your toxic medications which ALL of them are

At the Health Restoration Center, this is what I give attendees for breakfast and supper: (All organic, of course)

  • Every morning and night a 12-ounce glass of Raw milk, 1-2 Raw eggs Raw cacao, with Raw honey sometime 1-2 ounces of Raw liver and blend it into a shake. It is delicious and only people with strong sense of taste even taste the liver. Liver is one of the highest foods with b-12 and iron which is essential for building new cells as well as cholesterol. Cholesterol is a major part of every cell in the body!
  • Every night same thing.
  • For breakfast attendees can have a cup of coffee, tea, fruits. It is no problem because they wait 1-2 hours before starting the daily protocol. That food will basically be out of the way especially if liquid.
  • From 9 AM to 5:30 PM NO things that Neutralize Chlorine Dioxide are: Vitamin C, Any Antioxidant, Coffee, Tea, Milk, Alcohol, chocolate, many supplements and medications.
  • At night after daily protocol, any fruits and vegetables, teas, coffee, juices, and supplements, (the best supplements are food!) are ok. We give Moringa with is a SUPER anti-oxidant with 40+!

Basically, at night you can eat what you want but REAL food and organic.


How to start a Genesis II Church Chapter

To start a Genesis II Church Chapter, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Become a Health Minister by attending a G2 Seminar or completing a Genesis II Church Video course
  • Request and be approved for a Genesis II Church chapter
  • Make a Public announcement in the local newspaper for two weeks
  • Post the following documents in your place of abode, preferable on the wall in the entrance of your house.
  • At least post the Church Logo at the entrance of your home and the rest in your Church office.

Note: After you have treated and documented giving Health Guidance to 10 people, you can request to become a Bishop.



 52. Sacramental Guidance Information Sheet


Member’s Information

Name__________________________                                             Date________________________                  

Contact information_______________                    presenting problem                                                                  

Things client wants us to be aware of (allergies etc.)___________ ____                                                                           



Circle the main Health Sacrament you will use for the Wellness Program for this person


Sacraments:         1000           1000 plus       2000         3000        4000                                                                                                                   


Circle all Health Sacraments you will use to facilitate the Wellness Program for this person

Health Sacrament 1000 Spray                                                   Ear Drop Health Sacrament

Health Sacrament 1000 and 2000 Capsules (MMS1)            Health Sacrament for Staph, MRSA, Boils

Health Sacrament 2000 and 4000 Capsules (MMS2)            Breathing Mist Health Sacrament

Morning Health Sacrament                                                       Enema Health Sacrament                              

Mouth and Teeth Health Sacrament                                        Douche Health Sacrament

Gas teeth and Mouth Health Sacrament                                 DMSO Health Sacrament

Contagious Disease Protection Health Sacrament                Diatomaceous Earth, DE Health Sacrament

Breathing MMS Cup Health Sacrament                                   Clay AZ Health Sacrament

Big Bag Health Sacrament                                                          Inactivated MMS Health Sacrament

Eye/Nose Drops Health Sacrament                                           Zinc Health Sacrament

Bath or Foot bath Health Sacrament                                        MMS Syrup Health Sacrament

Autism Program                                                                          CDS


Use the above list as a guide in developing individual Wellness programs



Tune in Sunday, Dec. 2nd, 2018



How to start a G2 Church Chapter in your area of the world!

Let's change the world together!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon


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