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52nd Genesis II Church Seminar was a success, but getting there was tough!

Our First Genesis II Church EUROPEAN Seminar in 2017

Genesis II Church Seminar Amsterdam, Holland Friday Night to Sunday Night - July 7th-9th

ATTENTION: We need 20 people to register before June 1st to secure conference room, so PLEASE e-mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if interested or the seminar will be postponed until alter date!

Holland Seminar 2015



I just arrived home from our 52nd Seminar that was held in Gentry, Arkansas. The trip was a tough one but we did it! Jonathan and I drove from Sarasota, Florida to Gentry, Arkansas. Everything went really well until one hour and thirty minutes from Gentry. We decided to pull off for gas and after we stopped on the off ramp to turn left our left inner tie rod snapped! If it happened 1 minute before at 70 MPH, then we would have flipped! The mechanic that fixed it said that for it to snap was REALLY WEIRD, seeing that whole front end was changed 6 weeks’ prior with a lot of driving without the slightest problem.








We had it towed to a mechanic that could fix it BUT, not until Monday the day after the seminar finished. Our new Bishop Edie and her husband James came to pick us up with all our stuff! Thank God they had a pickup.

We were turned around 5 miles from the hotel because tornado warnings and two touched down in Gentry! So, we waited out the storm and arrived at our hotel at 2 AM. We left Memphis at 8 AM the day before anticipating ONLY a 5 hour drive!!! Whew, what a day. The next day was Friday, the day of the seminar orientation. We found out 13 people canceled due to weather and schedule problems but we still had 24 students! The seminar went without a hitch. In fact, one of our best!
We were able to add three new Bishops to our list of Bishops worldwide and 20 new Health Ministers. We now have worldwide in over 135 countries:
• Members - 2800
• Health Ministers - 1830
• Bishops - 100
• Churches – 214

Graduation of 52nd G2 Church Seminar in Gentry, Arkansas


Bishop Jonathan and Archbishop Mark Teaching








Our three NEW Bishops, Hannan, Joe and Edie. Congrats! Bishop Edie is our 100th Bishop!




Our 100th Bishop!


Three Great testimonies from the Gentry Seminar:

1. MMS Testimony - Dr. Hanan’s Testimony Malaria, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer and Fibromyalgia:

2. MMS Testimony - Receding gums and root canal testimony

3. MMS Testimony - Nurse's personal use of MMS and curing Cancer and Interstitial Cystitis

New project to provide 10 – 50 kilos of MMS Sacramental mineral salts to 10 Health Minsters and Bishops.

Three months ago, we asked everyone on our Genesis II Church Mailing list and the G2Voice to help us supply one of our Bishops in Uganda with MMS ingredients. We received word 2 weeks ago that our Bishop, Samula in Uganda received the 50 kilo or 110 lbs we sent him! Here is the letter we received from him this week.

Hello, MARK

Greeting from the MMS community here in Uganda, East Africa. Am writing to tell you that I received the fifty kilograms (50kgs) pack of MMS. Thank you so much for the kindness and the entire Genesis 2 Church members for making our dream come true. We are now more determined with the whole team I work with here to restore health.
As per now I have managed to introduce and train 13 people locally here to use MMS on those in need of it. And I hope the number to grow in the near future as the MMS news is spreading so fast. I have also initiated a project called the HYGIENIC PROJECT where we are mainly handling hygiene related diseases and purifying water for the local community.
So far, we have already covered two villages with over 80 homes and we are still moving on. Hundreds of people have already used MMS for different health problems and the big number is happy with it. Although the public needs much sensitization on the development but we are doing our best. I again thank everyone who is making this happen mostly through prayer and supplies.
I will be sending you photos and videos of the project including the testimonies i have covered with many diseases being cured.
God bless you MARK.

During our drive to the Gentry, Arkansas Seminar last week, Bishop Jonathan came up with a good idea. We were talking about Samula receiving the 50 kilos of MMS Sacramental mineral salts and he said to me, why don’t we make a list of other Bishops and Health Ministers that we know need help and try to send each one a 50-kilo barrel. We thought of over 20 in Africa, South America, Philippines and India alone! These are people we know are actively helping others. The outcome of that conversation and talking to some other Bishops is to start the Genesis II Church Bishops Project where we raise $7,000 U.S. to provide 10 Bishops or Health Ministers with a 50-kilo drum of MMS Sacramental Mineral salts. It cost around $700 US to purchase the mineral salts, air ship and clear through customs. Each fifty Kilo drum can “restore health” from Malaria for 40,000 100% of the time or maintain over 1,000 families healthy for a year! Will you help us?
If interested, please contact Bishop Jonathan at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here is a short video of some of the “51” G2 Seminars we have done worldwide:

Benefits of attending a Genesis II Church Seminar

One of the many benefits of attending a G2 Church Seminar is to meet others that have their eyes open to health issues we all deal with today. It is good to talk to “like minded” people when so many are trusting the “mainstream medical mentality” to somehow stay healthy! It is a breath of fresh air to hear people’s testimonies of “restored health” from many dis-eases by deciding to “take control of their OWN health”. We will be recording a G2Voice Broadcast at each seminar.

NOTE: Friday Night Orientation is free to all!
By attending the 2 ½ day G2 Seminar you will receive the following:

NOTE: FOOD INCLUDED: Lunches – Sat. & Sun. Snacks Friday Night Orientation and Breaks Sat. and Sun. afternoons. (Vegetarian options)

1. A kit for each student: Each kit contains:

1 Bag for Kit with G2Church logo on it, 1 MMS dropper bottle 120 ML, 1 Activator dropper bottle, 120 ML 1 DMSO, 120 ML 1 dropper glass,1 Shot glass 30ML, 1 20 ML dropper bottle empty, 1 Toothbrush, 1 Spray Bottle 120 ML, 1 Pen, 1 30 ml H20 dropper bottle, 1- 130 page G2 Sacramental Workbook, Empty size “0”capsules, 5-10 grams of MMS2.
This is for “hands on” training.

2. Each Student learns how to make “MMS” in the home.
3. Each Student practices the majority of the protocols.
4. For review and teaching purposes, each student receives:
5 step by step instructional videos covering ALL the G2 Church Sacramental Protocols.
• Notes made in the Workbook during the seminar for teaching purposes
• Power point presentation for the Friday Night Orientation
• Power point presentation of the Sacramental Workbook used during the seminars
6. Upon completion of the Seminar
• Numbered Certificate of Completion of course
• Numbered Membership Certificate
• Numbered Health Minster Certificate
Note: This gives you the title of “Reverend”.
• G2 Church Photo I.D. Sample of I.D. Card





Note: Only those that send the photo at least one week before the seminar will receive certificates and ID cards on day of Graduation.
7. Graduates can solicit approval for a G2 Church Chapter
8. After “guiding” 10 people thru G2 Sacraments, Health Ministers can request a Bishop Certificate.

Note: Bishop title acquired by approval of Archbishops Jim Humble or Mark Grenon.

If you can’t attend a Genesis II Church Seminar then you can still receive most of the above benefits by doing the G2 Church Sacramental Course at:
For Spanish Course:
To get sacraments from us please go to

Products will be available at the seminar for donation! Your support helps greatly!
So, you can see the benefits of attending a G2 Church Seminar will help you not only keep yourself and family healthy from dis-ease, but a graduate can help so many others. This will be the way we “change the world together”!

Please listen in to the G2Voice Broadcasts on our YouTube Channel: G2Voice
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Have your friends and family watch our MMS Documentary: Many have commented that it convinced them to look more into the Genesis II Church and MMS!

If anyone needs Sacramental Guidance for 30 days, please e-mailt me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hope to see many of you at one of our G2 Church

Let’s change the world together!

Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

MMS Saves Lives.





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