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It has been 20 weeks since the launch of the G2Voice. We are already seeing many people helped by the testimonies we are receiving on the sites and from e-mails. The main reason we started the G2voice was to show the world how they can take their own health back. No longer needing medications and how to detox the body with the Genesis II Church Sacramental Protocols. We have covered 13 separate dis-eases and pertinent health issues that are plaguing people today. On our YouTube Channel G2Voice we have 29,987 views with 814 subscribers. On our Radio Broadcast site Spreaker we have 24,998 Plays, 1236 Followers with 1,398 Downloads.

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Let’s get the word out worldwide. We need to take this to another level. A good defense is a good offense. So, let’s go on the offensive and get the information of the Genesis II Church out to the world! We can liken what we are doing to the battle of David and Goliath. Little David won and we can too with God’s help!

We’d like to see 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube and 10,000 followers on Spreaker. This only takes a few minutes and will allow the Genesis II Church to reach many more people with the truth! Thank you in advance. We are in a battle and it truly is a “health revolution” we are in. May the Lord bless us as we seek to get the truth out to the world!

Since we started the G2Voice Broadcast we have had 4 merchant accounts shut down. The merchant account is used to receive donations for Sacramental products, membership and G2 Church online course. Only explanation for shutting us down has been that we are a high risk! What risk? An online course? Church membership? Sacramental Products? We are looking into other merchant accounts but seems like we will keep having this problem. What everyone needs to do

that needs help is to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Sorry for the inconvenience but we are in a battle and “they” don’t want the truth out about how to “restore health” from dis-ease! We are trying to “create a world without dis-ease”. Will you rally together with us in this fight for the health of others? We pray you do by:

• Becoming a member of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing
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Note: A good introduction to MMS is the MMS

(Subtitled in 10 languages)

1. G2Voice 001- 09/18/16 Discovery of MMS and the History of the Genesis II Church:

2. G2Voice 002 - 9/25/16 Prostate Disease (PSA Tests) and Starting Procedure:

3. G2Voice 10-2-16 Emergency Hurricane Cancellation:

4. G2Voice 003 10-5-16 Diabetes, Protocol 1000 and Rev Samula Testimony:

5. G2Voice 004 10-9-16 The High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Hoax, Protocol 1000+:

6. G2Voice 005 10-16-16 Breast Cancer and Protocol 2000:

7. G2Voice 006 10-23-16 How to cure Cancer and Protocol 2000:

8. G2Voice 007 10-30-16 Special report Mark Grenon answers ABC's Accusations:

9. G2Voice 008 11-6-16 How to cure MRSA and Spray bottle Protocol:

10. G2Voice 009 11-13-16 What is Lyme, how to cure it and Protocol 4000:

11. G2Voice 010 11-20-16 Why so many allergies today and how to rid them from the body:

12. G2Voice 011 11-27-16 Don't fear the seasonal Flu and NEVER take the “flu” shot - Ear Protocol:

13. G2Voice 012 12-4-16 What is causing Arthritis, how to cure it and Protocol 3000:

14. G2Voice 013 12-11-16 How To Cure An HIV Positive Diagnosis with the G2 Sacraments:

15. G2Voice 014 12-18-16 What are your prescription and over the counter “drugs” doing to your body? And how to detox using Sacramental Protocols:

16. G2Voice 015 12-25-16 Vaccines: Are they destroying the bodies immune system and causing diseases?

17. G2Voice 016 1-1-17 Malaria the #1 killer in history cured!

18. G2Voice 017 1-8-17 Vaccine Injuries Are Causing Diseases, Disorders, Syndromes And Conditions:

19. G2Voice 018 1-15-17 Autism, A Vaccine Injury?

20. G2Voice 019 – 1/22/17Alzheimer’s Disease, It’s a toxicity problem:
21. G2Voice 020 1/29/17 Herpes: Is it a Life Sentence?

My son Joseph and I are taking a much needed vacation for two weeks from the G2Voice. We have been going nonstop since August. In reality, we’ve been going straight out since Jim came to live we us in 2010! So much has happened in 7 years! Jim has been busy since 1997! Pray for him also!For the next two weeks, we will rebroadcast the first episode and one other the next week.

We are asking everyone to watch the first episode or watch it again and send to family and friends. Note: Remember to Like, Share and Subscribe and click the bell for notifications.Our next LIVE G2Voice Broadcast will be Feb.19th and the topic will be: How to detox your life! In this episode, we will cover cleansing your house: from what oils you cook with, washing your clothes, what poisons are in your clothes, shampoos, toothpaste, deodorant, food, air, water, etc.! It will be a VERY informative episode to help many learn how easy it really is and SO beneficial!

Let’s change the world together!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon


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