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Vaccine Injuries Are Causing Diseases, Disorders, Syndromes And Conditions That Have Never Existed Before!
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Vaccines have been in our society since the early 1800's and if anyone will do their "due diligence" they can follow the harm they have caused. Follow this timeline:

The FDA is in charge of approving vaccines in the U.S. Look at what one of their own has to say about the FDA: Former FDA Commissioner Dr Herbert Ley: “The thing that bugs me is that people think the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it's doing are as different as night and day.”

Now in 2017, after 60+ years of intense vaccination programs, we see vaccine injuries have been given certain names or categories and the list keeps growing!

So, what IS the difference?

• One of the original definitions of ‘
what is a disease?’ was published in the BMJ in 1900 and defines disease as:

“resulting from a pathophysiological response to external or internal factors.”

• While doctors diagnose and treat a disease, a disorder describes: “the disruption of the disease to the normal or regular functions in the body or a part of the body.”

• For example, a disorder resulting from cardiovascular disease is an arrhythmia or heart failure.

• A syndrome refers to a disease or a disorder that has more than one identifying feature or symptom. In other words, a syndrome is: “a collection or set of signs and symptoms that characterize a particular condition.”

• Sometimes a syndrome can be caused by a number of diseases or can be a medical condition, which is defined as: “an abnormal state of health that interferes with the usual activities or feeling of wellbeing.” For example chronic fatigue syndrome is a neurological condition, diagnosed from a collection of symptoms in addition to the main symptom of post-exertional malaise.

• A disease is a pathophysiological response to internal or external factors.• A disorder is a disruption to regular bodily structure and function.

• A syndrome is a collection of signs and symptoms associated with a specific health-related cause.

• A condition is an abnormal state of health that interferes with normal or regular feelings of wellbeing.

So, with all these new diseases, disorders, syndromes and conditions, why are government agencies advocating mandatory vaccines? Isn't that insane especially with no liability to the makers of the vaccines see:

(1) No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings. 42 U.S. Code § 300aa–22 - Standards of responsibility

Note: Remember what a former FDA Commissioner said about the FDA. Also, the whistleblowers from the CDC and the fact that the CDC owns 20 vaccine patterns!

What is really happening is the vaccines are causing immune and brain dysfunction by the toxic ingredients contained in them. So, are all these new diseases, disorders, syndromes and conditions being cause by the toxins in vaccines. They are all injuries caused by the vaccine poisons!

Many alternative Doctors are being killed! 60 in less than two years! We should be asking ourselves what were they studying before they commited suicide? What were these people researching? What was their practice? Were some of them studying the effects of vaccines and what was in them? You decide.

Dr.James Jeffrey Bradstreet, a controversial figure found dead of a gunshot wound in a river in June 2015. Bradstreet, 61, was subject to a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raid shortly before his death, which police said appeared to be suicide. 

NOTE: So he was raided by FDA then found dead? Why

• Over 60 Doctors Dead In Just Over A Year: 

A wave of mysterious deaths continues to plague practitioners in the field of holistic medicine, including chiropractors, herbalists and other alternative healers. Some of the deaths have been tied to research involving nagalase, an enzyme/protein made by cancer cells and viruses that cause immunodeficiency syndromes and autism.

Renowned autism specialist, Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet, was researching the enzyme prior to his death in July 2015. His body was discovered floating in a North Carolina river with a single gunshot wound to the chest. Suspicions swirled that the doctor may have been killed as a result of his controversial research. Bradstreet and his colleagues had discovered that the immune system is being compromised by nagalase, which they suspected was being introduced through vaccines.

Was Dr. Andrew Moulden killed? Why? Dr. Andrew Moulden died in 2013, supposedly by suicide).

• Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Harm

Vaccine Damage does not Produce just a Single Symptom

Vaccine damage does not produce just a single symptom; rather the reactions are many and varied. Additionally, vaccine reactions can occur shortly after receiving the injection or they can occur years later. Often, the reactions only become noticeable after many doses of different vaccines have been given. The variability in reactions and the unpredictable time frame for reaction gives the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment which they control, the statistical confidence to assert that vaccines do not produce harm. If they don’t see a large number of adverse reactions of a single type within a specific short time period, then they conclude that harm was not produced.

We are told that vaccines are so safe, that a child could receive 10,000 vaccines and not have an adverse reaction, yet the pharmaceutical industry has never done twenty-year longitudinal studies to even measure what happens to children who receive 69 or more doses of vaccine during the first 18 years of life. They have not done it and they will not do it, because they know that vaccine damage would be revealed. They also will never compare the health history of vaccinated children with unvaccinated children. It is estimated that one million children in the US have not received any vaccinations. So, it would be easy to compare vaccinated and unvaccinated children. But if this was done, the results would prove that vaccines do in fact cause illness, disability, and death.

Dr. Moulden was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that vaccines do cause harm. He saw the evidence of disability, lifelong suffering, and premature death. Those of us who are willing to think outside of the box that has been created by the pharmaceutical industry accept the fact that vaccine damage represents a broad spectrum of conditions and syndromes, which can be traced back to vaccine use and exposure to various environmental toxins.

Proof Conventional Medicine is a “Killing Machine”

• Two prominent doctors testified in front of Congress in 1951 that the paralysis around the country known as polio was being caused by industrial poisons and that a virus theory was purposely created by the chemical industry and the government to deflect litigation away from both parties.

• Nurse Whistleblower: Hospitals Vaccinating Patients by Force Without Their Knowledge

• Spain now joins a growing list of countries where criminal lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of the HPV vaccine, which includes France, India, Japan, and many more.

• In the United States, however, you cannot sue the manufacturers of vaccines, as they are protected from civil criminal prosecution. As a result, marketing efforts to increase the sale and distribution of the HPV vaccine are increasing.

▪ Colombian Health Officials Demand Changes to Stop HPV Vaccine ...

• Mar 22, 2016 ... Colombia is in the news once again courtesy of focused communities that are
demanding answers to their HPV vaccine-injured girls.

Flu Vaccine Injury and Death Claims Increase in 2016 2016/

Feb 28, 2016 ... It came as no surprise to me that during the meeting of the Advisory Commission
on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) on December 4, 2015 that the ...[more]

Flu Shot Remains Most Dangerous Vaccine Based on Injuries and ... -on-injuries-and-deaths-compensated-by-government/

US Vax Court Sees 400% Spike in Vaccine Injuries, Flu Shot Wins ... flu-shot-wins-top-honors-for-biggest-payout/

Dec 6, 2016 ... Vaccine injury cases are on the rise people, so if you've got your head in the
sand and you haven't been paying attention, it's time to wake up.[more]

A Mother's Anguish: 2-Month Old Baby Lost to Vaccine Injuries

Oct 27, 2015 ... VACCINE INJURIES ARE REAL. There is a REAL RISK. Your child is NOT
immune to them. Vaccine Injury is impartial. It can strike those that ...[more]

U.S. Government Withholds Vaccine Injury Data: Rolls Out “Vaccine ... rolls-out-vaccine-confidence-plan-instead/

Aug 30, 2015 ... NVIC regularly monitors meetings held by federal vaccine advisory committees,
including the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines ...[more]

Are Parents Going to Jail for Vaccine Injuries?

Jun 10, 2015 ... One of the true travesties of justice in modern society is the medical profession's refusal to acknowledge vaccine injuries. While U.S. law forces ...[more]

Look at the amount of vaccines that are now scheduled for children in the U.S. Horrible! No vaccine is “safe and effective” period. They are lying to us and to the world! The day of judgment is coming to the people creating these vaccines, selling them and the people in those government agencies that are allowing it!

Look at the amount of vaccines!!!



A list of the most common Vaccine injuries:

  •  Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  •  Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  •  Gulf War Syndrome
  •  Epstein-Barr Syndrome (EBV) DPT or
  •  Guillain-Barré syndrome
  •  Shaking Baby syndrome
  •  Dravet Syndrome

You have read and seen many people after having a routine vaccine, whether a child or adult, have definite negative results from the vaccine! That is a 100% fact. These adverse results were not caused by any external or internal issue in the body but by the toxicity of the vaccine that was introduced into the body by injection or orally. All vaccines are toxic and NONE of them should be introduced into human OR animal bodies ever! They have NEVER worked to rid the world of ANY disease EVER! We have all been lied to. Check out the facts and statistics. Read and study. This is an important issue that affects the whole world. Here is some good reading:

• Vaccine-nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time Paperback – March 1, 2011 by
Andreas Moritz

•  "What the vaccinators don't tell you is that communicable diseases had been declining at a steady rate for 150 years and that there is no relationship between the various diseases and the onset of immunization. Without exception, the vaccine program for each of the childhood diseases was inaugurated after that paticular disease had begun to disappear.

•  Fact, vaccines have never eradicated anything, ever

•  Evidence VACCINATED Are Spreading Disease | CDC, WHO, and Merck documents prove Vaccinated people SPREAD Measles - Countering Herd Immunity Claims

•  Vaccines don’t work. Here are the facts.

Vaccines Did Not Save Us – 2 Centuries Of Official Statistics

We will cover more information about “vaccine injuries” and what diseases, disorders, syndromes and conditions are being caused this Sunday, Jan.8th at 10 AM EST. Please tune in LIVE if you can at: You can find 16 past episodes at:

Let’s change the world together!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon


More References:

• New Vaccine film:

• 13 Year-Old Boy Permanently Disabled from Chicken Pox Vaccine Wins His Case in Vaccine Court:

Vaccines Injuries and Deaths Increase in Government Vaccine Court government-vaccine-court-june-2016-report/ 

Jul 14, 2016 ... by Brian Shilhavy Health Impact News Editor. Every day, people in the United
States are being injured and killed by vaccines.


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