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Our first Canadian Genesis II Church seminar went great!

We now have 29 new Genesis II Church Health ministers with 3 returning for updates. It wasn’t as cold as we thought it would be in Canada. This group in Western Canada are excited about networking with each other. This is what we want to accomplish in each country of the world to grow exponentially! More people want to set up Genesis II “house churches” in their specific areas to reach out to the world!

This has been a busy 5 weeks! We did 3 seminars in 3 different locations, Michigan, Georgia in the U.S. with one in western Canada. In all, we taught 78 students and the Genesis II Church now has 1,020 Health ministers in 95+ countries with 1,580 Members.

In 5 weeks we have recorded 26 new video testimonies from the students that attended!

Here are 3 from the Canadian seminar. The other 9 we recorded there will be on our YouTube channel, “MMStestimonials” within a week:




It was cold in Canada, but the Ram didn’t mind it at all!

Bishop Jonathan Teaching

Happy Graduate!

Students learning the eye drop protocol

Learning mouth cleanse protocol

This new student was really excited.
He only heard of MMS a few days before the seminar!

Health restored 1 drop at a time!


Archbishop Mark teaching how to set up a Genesis II “house” Church

Cold country but warm reception

These seminars were the last ones we are doing in North America for a while. If there are any more seminars in North America they will be done by Health Ministers that have been trained in our “teaching seminar” in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We are now heading back to South America the beginning of 2014.

We are planning 2 seminars in the near future:

1. Santa Marta, Colombia (end of January or beginning of February)

2. Lima, Peru (end of February)

Note: If you are interested in more information regarding seminars in Colombia or Peru, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: For those wanting to know more about MMS and the Genesis II Church, they can do the online home video course and learn a lot about “restoring health” , become a member and how to set up a Genesis II Church in your home!

Here is the link for the MMS/Genesis II Church home video course: (also available in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic and Hebrew, listed at

If you just want to know the different protocols without becoming a health Minister or member you can learn from our Protocol Videos at: (Available in Spanish)

Here is an Interview I did while in Canada:

Mark Howitt did a great video called, “NWO Domino Effect” at: Many things I’ve studied over the past 35 years - in one video! Great job, Mark.

We had a great 2013 and are looking forward to 2014!

Our goal for 2014 are:
• Train 1,000 health ministers
• 3,000 new members
• Record 100 new video testimonies
• 12 MMS/Genesis II Church seminars worldwide
• Give as many people as you can the link to sign up for our newsletters and the link for old newsletters at: -

We are changing the world together!
Archbishop Mark S. Grenon

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