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The New “How to Organize a MMS Seminar” Seminar!

We have already have had one seminar that teaches how to organize a MMS seminar. Everyone went home happy with the knowledge.  In the Teacher’s Seminars, not only do we teach you all about MMS and how to use it, but we give instruction on how you can go out and conduct your own MMS seminar. We give you all the information you need to set up a seminar in an organized and easy way.  The Teacher’s Seminar was good, I thought, and everyone seemed happy, but Kashambra, the gal who put it all together was not satisfied and thought better information was needed. So she has spent these past months going over the data, tweaking and making improvements, and what she has come up with is truly amazing.

She has put together a manual that details every last thing you must do to have a successful seminar to train Ministers of Health to serve mankind.  In addition, she has put together detailed instructions on everything you should cover/teach in the seminar.  Again, it is truly amazing. 

To have a proper seminar and get all of the data taught in 3-5 days, it is necessary to have every detail carefully planned out.  Each student must have all the necessary supplies, ideally right in his own personal bag or carrying case, so that when the instructor says, “Get out your MMS powder,” the student reaches down into his bag and gets it.  He doesn’t have to walk around the room or wait in line to get the powder.  Or when the instructor says, “Get out the #1 size capsules, or the citric acid powder,” the supplies are right at the student’s fingertips.  No time wasted looking for anything.

The ”Organizing a MMS Seminar” guidebook details everything you need to know to plan, organize, and run a seminar.  This manual is chock full of essential information and helpful tips.

Here is a sampling of some things which are provided

• What type of location to look for you to hold your seminar.
• How to set up a hotel conference room for your seminar.  
Ideas on what price to charge for your event.
How to calculate your expenses, such as advertising and conference room expenses, and how to determine how much you want to be paid per student.  
The cost of Genesis II Church certificates and ID cards. 
Information on registration fees and payments for the seminar.
Instructions on sending us a write-up so we can advertise your seminar on our websites and in our newsletters.
How to write an “information letter” telling people what, where, when, and how—all the important details they will need to know regarding the seminar.
A list of what supplies you’ll need and where to buy them.
Helpful ideas and instruction on how to organize each student’s supplies in a handy tote bag for a user friendly learning experience.

Special note:  The list of supplies is extensive, in the Teacher’s Training Seminar each student will actually make up all the various protocols and recipes for restoration of health. It is a hands-on experience!  Everyone will make their own MMS, CDS, the newest formula, CDH—and more! Students will also learn how to make all of the amazing salves that cure skin diseases that we have been using with fantastic results for a couple of years now.  You will learn how to make them, and hopefully you’ll be able to sell them in the future. 

The list above is by no means comprehensive. There are many other details that will be covered regarding the preparation needed for holding a MMS Seminar, for example, there will be a number of booklets to make up that will cost you less to print locally than to order.  Students will need their picture taken when they arrive, etc. etc.! The list goes on and on, but all the details will be covered at the Teacher’s Training Seminar and everything will be mapped out for you in the Organizing a MMS Seminar manual.

Attending the Teacher
s Training Seminar is two-fold, you will learn all about MMS and receive hands-on experience in preparing all the various protocols, and you will learn how to prepare and teach a course that is unparalleled by any other!  You can find many valuable courses available regarding health, but no one teaches a course in the restoration of health that matches our Teacher’s Training Seminar.

WE ARE NOT LEAVING THE STUDENTS FROM THE PRIOR TEACHER’s TRAINING SEMINAR OUT.  Those of you who have already attended the earlier seminar will be eligible to receive the new Organizing a MMS Seminar manual with step-by-step information on what you need to know to conduct your own seminars—all free of charge. 

And now, for some big news, we hope to have available at the November conferences, information on the new MMS.  You may have thought that we already had everything figured out with no room for improvements, but not so.  The chemistry departments of colleges and universities readily admit that no one really understands all the workings of chlorine dioxide.  Science doesn’t have it all figured out, yet, and we are finding things that simply do not look like they will work, but they, in fact, do work, and they help in the restoration of health, making it quicker and more efficient or just make it easier to use.  The new MMS does things that the universities have never seen.  Chlorine dioxide is a unique chemical and mineral.  So come and learn some more. 

Because I was a laboratory research engineer in the Aerospace industry, I was able to work on the very edge of science and physics as new things were developed, and I helped develop a few of them.  Now with MMS, everyone in the Church is not only at the edge of medical science and physics, we are even ahead of it. Science and medicine couldn’t even conceive of a solution that can cure 98% of the diseases of mankind, but not only are we working with it, we are doing it. They still cannot imagine it.  That is the only reason that we have gotten so far without being stopped; it was because they just couldn’t believe it.  Now it’s too late to stop us. 

To all of you out there who are a part of us, I wish I could give you the seminars for free, but not yet.  But the fact is, our people are coming in to seminars anyway and are paying for it.  In reality, we all are spending our own money to save the world, to save humanity and we are making a difference.  I know it sounds crazy.  It sounds like I am some kind of nut case.  But face the facts, hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved so far, and this is because hundreds of us spent our own money to educate ourselves in MMS, and the funds gained through seminars was then spent to keep the Genesis II Church going. This is what has caused our success.  We, comparatively speaking, have very little money, yet we are getting more done than most other organizations on Earth.  And we are just barely getting started.  What matters is that we accomplish our goals.  We eventually will set up programs to educate the children from an early age, and not destroy their minds before they are 10, as is the norm today.  My books have already explained all this, but I will continue to expound on this more as we go along.  We will thus provide a greater understanding of life and a greater intelligence to our children and to our race.  Remember the main tenant of our church is, “Always do what is right.” 

In closing, I’d like to make one more point.  We are not a religious church (a church being merely a group of people all with the same purpose), therefore any of our members can attend any other church of their choice.  Our desire and purpose to help mankind comes directly from each of us personally.  We are taking the responsibility to save humanity because we have made the decision to do it, not because of any other reason.  Our desire to save mankind is steadfast, and because we are open to all religions of Earth we must remain non-religious. I hope you understand that in-so-far-as this church is concerned I bring you only our own power—that is, the power to maintain a resolution and responsibility to save mankind from a personal desire that comes from each of us. We must maintain this position as we have many religions among us.  Those of you who have a specific religious practice are totally free to attend the church of your choice and to believe whatever you wish concerning our purpose. At this time the desire to save earth and bring peace to humanity is the highest possible non-religious purpose that exists. It’s our job, and we can and are doing it, regardless of how crazy it sounds to us or others. 

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
November 3rd - 8th 2013

For information about our MMS Teacher seminar,
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Language: English
Additional information: Read more.

There is another MMS Teacher seminar in Spanish starting November 17th - 22nd. More info here or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I hope to see you in November.

As always with love,
Archbishop Jim Humble

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